Teaching Aboriginal Cultural Competence - Authentic Approaches 9789811572005 9789811572005 Springer Singapore

Barbara Hill | Jillene Harris | Ruth Bacchus

Illustrates the active working relationships with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics and Indigenous Elders in an Australian context. Provides essential information on Indigenous Australia Cultural Competence. Includes multiple examples of real-world teaching scenarios a view more
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Product Description

Illustrates the active working relationships with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous academics and Indigenous Elders in an Australian context. Provides essential information on Indigenous Australia Cultural Competence. Includes multiple examples of real-world teaching scenarios and experiences. This book examines a collaborative partnership model between academia and Indigenous peoples, the goal of which is to integrate Indigenous perspectives into the curriculum. It demonstrates how the authentic and creative approaches employed have led to an evolution of curriculum and pedagogy that facilitates cultural competence among Australian graduate and undergraduate students. The book pursues an interdisciplinary approach based on highly practical examples, exemplars and methods that are currently being used to teach in this area. It focuses on facilitating student acquisition of knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills, following Charles Sturt University’s Cultural Competence Pedagogical Framework. Further, it provides insights into the use of reflective practice in this context, and practical ideas on embedding content and sharing practices, highlighting examples of potential “ways forward,” both nationally and globally.

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About Author

Dr. Barbara Hill, BA ANU, MA Deakin, PhD UNSW is Academic Lead, First Nations Curriculum in the Division of Learning and Teaching at Charles Sturt University (CSU). She also leads the Gulaay, First Nations Curriculum and Resources Team and is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK). Dr. Hill has extensive experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and community members and has been involved with student support and student advocacy in higher education for over two decades. With Associate Professor Wendy Nolan her research and work in this area was acknowledged with a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning in 2014 for fostering respectful professional partnerships to implement sustainable pedagogical frameworks for Indigenous Cultural Competency at Australian universities. She has specifically worked with both Ngiyeempaa and the Wiradyuri Elders for over two decades and is acknowledged for her ongoing commitment to the work of social justice. Jillene Harris is a Lecturer at the School of Psychology, Charles Sturt University (CSU), where she co-teaches a first-year foundational subject - Indigenous Australians and Psychology - in partnership with the School of Indigenous Australian Studies. She is the Indigenous Liaison Person for the School of Psychology and has substantial experience in establishing support frameworks between the community, education and health sectors. She was the Arts Faculty representative of the Indigenous Education Strategy Coordinating group, which oversaw the implementation of this strategy across CSU. Most recently she was part of the Australian Indigenous Psychology Education Project (AIPEP), which was jointly funded by the OLT and the Australian Psychological Society and is now considered best practice for expanding the Australian Indigenous curriculum, and enhancing students’ workforce preparation in Psychology Education. Ruth Bacchus is a Lecturer at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University (CSU), where she teaches Children’s Literature, Creative Writing and Politics of Identity. In both Children’s Literature subjects, and in particular in Politics of Identity, Ruth draws upon resources made available as part of the Indigenous Education Strategy among others, to explore with students issues concerning Indigenous and non-Indigenous identities and experiences, and the relationships between them.
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Table of Contents

1) Working with Respect and Working with Cultural Safety; Pages 1-8; Grant, Uncle Mallyan Brian (et al.) | 2) Who Are the Experts? Where the ‘Self’ and the ‘Other’ Meet When Building Relationships with Aboriginal Elders; Pages 9-21; Okan, Sharman | 3) Authentically Modifying a First-Year Psychology Subject; Pages 23-35; Harris, Jillene (et al.) | 4) The Benefits of in Country Experiences at the Tertiary Level; Pages 37-48; Dolan, Lloyd (et al.) | 5) Exploring Identities: Challenges in the Classroom; Pages 49-59; Bacchus, Ruth | 6) “Yindyamarra in Action”: Indigenous Cultural Competence as Core Business Within Legal Education and Law Schools; Pages 61-74; Gainsford, Annette (et al.) | 7) Doing What is Right: Behavioural Change in Service Delivery at the Higher End of Cultural Competence; Pages 75-84; Ritchie, Dave | 8) A Conversation About Indigenous Pedagogy, Neuroscience and Material Thinking; Pages 85-97; Bilton, Natalia (et al.) | 9) Practicing What We Preach: Reflecting on Culturally Competent Practice in the Teaching of Indigenous Australian Content; Pages 99-109; Ghys, Linda (et al.) | 10) Using Developments in Sport in Australia to Promote Cultural Competence in Higher Education Courses at CSU; Pages 111-121; Litchfield, Chelsea (et al.) | 11) Curriculum to Scaffold the Students’ Journey of Cultural Competence: Whole-of-Program Approach in Allied Health; Pages 123-137; Robinson, Caroline | 12) Reflections on a Nursing Curriculum: Lessons Learnt; Pages 139-153; Biles, Jessica | 13) Course and Subject Design Facilitating Indigenous Cultural Competence; Pages 155-168; Wood, Denise M. (et al.) | 14) A Working Guide Towards Debiasing Higher Education Through the Affordances of Indigenous Australian Cultural Competence Curriculum; Pages 169-180; Lewis, Melinda J. (et al.) | 15) The Place of Individual Spirituality in the Pedagogy of Discomfort and Resistance; Pages 181-190; Mlcek, Susan | 16) Developing Students’ Cultural Competence Through Embedded Emergent Learning; Pages 191-202; Llewellynn, Anne | 17) When the Elders Govern Your Learning; Pages 203-210; Windle, Yaliilan Leanne
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Teaching Aboriginal Cultural Competence
Authentic Approaches
Springer Singapore
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XVII, 210
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